Welcome to Soul Aura Crystals and Herbs, Your Holistic Oasis in Historic Downtown Frederick, MD. More than just a shop, Soul Aura blends herbal magic with community spirit, creating a sanctuary for those who cherish natural wellness. Experience Soul Aura's expertly crafted plant-based skincare and herbal products, each imbued with meticulous care to offer you natural nourishment and rejuvenation.

Discover the treasures of our quaint main street store. Immerse yourself in our self-serve section of aromatic dried herbs, mushrooms, and a wide selection of teas. Admire our exclusive collection of crystal jewelry, complemented by unique, handcrafted pieces from local artisans. We're a haven for those who honor Mother Earth's gifts.

Soul Aura is a vibrant hub of learning and creativity. Our educational classes span the realms of natural wellness and artistic joy. Our yoga space, a haven of tranquility, offers various yoga styles, energy healing, and intuitive readings, nurturing both body and spirit.

As a heart of healing and community connection, Soul Aura welcomes everyone into our family. We're dedicated to providing the Frederick community with alternative wellness pathways and enriching well-being experiences. Visit Soul Aura Crystals and Herbs for a journey into natural harmony and community engagement. Embrace a life in tune with nature at Soul Aura.

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Opting for plant-based skincare products is a wise choice for nurturing your... 



Herbal remedies have been a cornerstone of traditional medicine throughout history, prized... 



Wearing crystal jewelry is a meaningful way to benefit from the Earth's... 

Hey Hey!! I'm Ginger and I'm the space holder for Soul Aura.
I am the mama to 4 children between the ages of 19 and 2. They were the guinea pigs, I mean drive and inspiration to the majority of this.
My first step into the possibilities of a different approach to healing started in 2019 when I found that crystals were helping my child's nightmares and she could sleep better.
Curiosity led me to testing traditional herbal remedies to ease my family's health hiccups. My next 'aha' moment?! When a homemade herbal blend soothed my baby's teething woes better than anything from the store. I've been sharing with friends as I've learned and have become passionate about sharing.
When I started yoga in 2021 it was a game saver for my back issues ever since. It's a tremendous tool for calming my nervous system. So I became interested in teaching yoga to others.
When I decided to secure a physcial space for Soul Aura it bloomed into more than I could have ever imagined. It's a space for not only my passions but also creative art teachers, wellness teachers, energy healers, intuitive readers, and a variety of yoga teachers. I've found that the synergy between Mind, Body, and Spirit is important for optimum chance of wellness and I feel Blessed to hold the space for that to happen.
My mission? To simply foster that space and make this journey into alternative wellness as simple as possible. To remove the barriers you may face and make it FUN!
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  • Heather

    I'm a really active person, I lift, I kayak, I run and compete in boxing things usually hurt. I have tried tons of products over the years and try to be mindful of the ingredients and use things that alleviate pain without me taking ibuprofen. I was using another product with CBD that did the job. I was a little skeptical because I've tried other all natural products that did nothing, the organic ingredients and in particular the Carolina Reaper chile addition caught my attention. I was pretty sore after a night in the gym and decided to try it before bed, I could tell a difference within 5 minutes and I really liked the subtle burn the chile added. It was soothing and I liked that I could feel it working, and the applicator stick was a huge bonus! No mess and made it wayyy easier to apply in harder to reach places. This is a staple in my gym back now!

  • Erika

    Best muscle rub ever!!!! Getting extra to gift to friends so they can have a wonderful experience too!!

  • Taylor

    I will continue to use the products you gave me and I tried the root one too and loved it! I used the charcoal one on my blemishes and the ones on my chin are almost gone!!! Thank you so much