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Yoga: Back to Basics

Yoga: Back to Basics

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Discover the fundamental power of yoga in addressing and alleviating back pain with our “Yoga: Back to Basics” class. Designed specifically for those experiencing back discomfort, this session focuses on core strengthening, flexibility, and posture enhancement to provide comprehensive support for your spine.

In each forty-five-minute session, you’ll:

• Enhance Flexibility: Gently stretch and elongate back muscles to reduce stiffness and ease pain.
• Strengthen Your Core: Build the core muscles crucial for supporting your spine and improving overall posture.
• Improve Posture: Learn and practice yoga poses that correct postural imbalances and align your spine.
• Increase Body Awareness: Cultivate greater awareness of your body’s needs and limitations to prevent potential injuries.

With a maximum class size of five, each session promises personalized attention, ensuring that you receive guidance tailored to your individual needs and conditions. Whether you’re new to yoga or seeking targeted relief from chronic back issues, “Yoga: Back to Basics” is your stepping stone to a healthier back and a more balanced life.

Join us and transform your approach to back health through the grounded, calming practice of yoga. See you on the mat!


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